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The Trinity Curriculum was created specifically for The St. Paul Academy.  Using the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the Concordia Curriculum Guides as a framework, the certified teachers and members of the Board of Education work together each year to construct and revise a curriculum that meets or exceeds all state standards. The Trinity Curriculum surpasses most state requirements by offering each student a learning experience that is challenging, customized, and Christ-centered.


The St. Paul Academy has high expectations.  A culture of achievement fosters a love of learning.  Supportive teachers provide students with the guidance, the skills, and the time students need to be successful.  The Trinity Curriculum produces well-rounded scholars ready to conquer the challenges of high school.


The Trinity Curriculum is designed to meet the academic needs of the individual learner.  TheSt. PaulAcademy enrolls students with a wide-range of ability levels.  Teaching and learning materials for the Trinity Curriculum are selected to provide appropriate learning tasks for students, regardless of the academic point at which they begin.  This customized approach greatly benefits each student.  Standardized test scores reveal a clear pattern.  The longer a child is enrolled in theSt. PaulAcademy, the better he or she performs.


This is the true advantage of the Trinity Curriculum.  Woven throughout all the subject matter is a clear understanding of Biblical knowledge.  A student might memorize a Bible verse in Spanish for Spanish class, write a poem about the resurrection of Christ in English class, pray for our country in Social Studies class, or make a mural of creation in Art class.  Every child also participates in daily Bible study classes with age-appropriate activities and worship opportunities.  All students memorize Bible verses that build a solid Biblical understanding that grows through the years.


An in-depth overview of the Trinity Curriculum is available through the link below which includes a list of current publishers, age level goals by subject level and much more.

Trinity Curriculum By Subject Area