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Adult Bible Study

Every Sunday morning, from 9:15-10:15, a variety of Bible Studies are offered. In addition to a class led by Pastor Kear and Wendorf, we also have a number of other study opportunities at various times throughout the week for groups of men and women, as well as special topical and stage-of-life studies, like parenting. Make sure to subscribe to our weekly e-news letter to find out the latest information on which studies are going on now.

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What do you know about Habakkuk or Zephaniah from the Bible?  And who is Malachi…no, he’s not an Italian prophet!  And who in the world is Obadiah…and what did he write about?  God used prophets in the Old Testament to write about incredible things.  Some of these prophets we know quite well; others we want to know more about!  We will be taking a look at 12 Minor Prophets in the scriptures, that lead us to incredible truths of God spoken through them.  Join us for Tuesday Bible Study in 2017 to learn about the Minor Prophets, that God chose for Major Purposes!

Our Tuesday Bible Study begins Tuesday January 10 at St. Paul!  Please join us in the Parish Hall for a great opportunity to be refreshed and dig into God’s Word in the midst of the week. Please come and go at your leisure; even if you are on your lunch break. Lunch will be available to purchase for $3. We will start serving at 11:30am and the study will end at 1pm.


Downloadable Sessions

Session 1 Hosea_Handout

Session 2 Joel_Handout

Session 3 Amos_Handout

Session 4 Obadiah_Handout

Session 5 Jonah_Handout

Session 6 Micah_Handout

Session 7 Nahum_Handout