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Miss Rebecca Cavage

1st & 2nd Grade

Miss Rebecca Cavage

Name: Rebecca Cavage
Current teaching assignment: 1st & 2nd Grade
Degrees/University: BA Concordia University Texas
Number of years teaching: 4
Number of years at St. Paul: 4

Miss Rebecca Cavage is a native Texan who has attended Lutheran schools her entire life. She grew up near Elgin, Texas and recently graduated from Concordia University-Texas where she majored in Special Education with an emphasis on Elementary Education and a Lutheran Teaching Diploma. This is her first call and she is excited for a great school and to live a short drive from the beach! She loves sports, especially Basketball, as well as reading and spending time outdoors. Click on the image below for the Parent Portal for the latest happenings in 1st & 2nd Grade from Miss Cavage: FastDirect


Shaving Cream

We LOVE to practice our weekly spelling words with shaving cream!


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South Padre Island Trip

We learned about ecosystems in Science class and went to learn more about them. We got to touch and hold different ocean objects (ex. starfish) at the Coastal Studies Lab as well as learn more about how we impact our ecosystem. We also went to Sea Turtle Inc. to learn about the Sea Turtles that call South Padre Island a nesting site.

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Daily Assignments can be viewed on Miss Cavage’s FastDirect Bulletin Board.


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