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Kelsey Martinez


Kelsey Martinez

Name: Kelsey Martinez
Current teaching assignment: Kindergarten
Degrees/University: BA Concordia University Seward, NE
Number of years teaching: 3
Number of years at St. Paul: 3

  I have been teaching for 3 years and am blessed to have been here at St. Paul for those 3 years. I took the call to St. Paul because I know how important Lutheran Education is. I went to Christ Lutheran School in Phoenix, AZ for K-2nd grade. My time there laid a firm foundation for me and I loved my teachers. I went to public schools in the area and strongly believe I was able to handle all of that and make friends from all walks of life because of my Lutheran foundation. I know because of my wonderful teachers, I was able to grow up in the church and after attending Christ Lutheran for a year; my mom, dad, baby sister and I were all baptized in Oct 1996! I taught 1st grade my first two years here at St. Paul and am happy to teach Kindergarten. I know what is needed for first grade and am so happy to be chosen to help my little friends get ready for it! In Kindergarten we have TONS of fun. We get messy, we sing, we read, we dance and praise! I strive to make my classroom a comfortable and safe place for each child to express themselves. I have been trained in Conscious Discipline and use these techniques to create a classroom family and teach children how to be more assertive in their emotions.   Click the image below for parent portal containing the latest information on Kindergarten: FastDirect



We have started reading more, writing sentences and counting dimes. We have all mastered telling time to the hour.

We recently found a new friend on the playground. We voted on it’s name; Mothy. We identified Mothy as a Lo Moth. She has beautiful under wings! If you would like to some see her, you are welcome in our classroom anytime 🙂


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We have been exploring geoboards in class. Making shapes and describing the difference between shapes and their sizes. We now have a GIANT geoboard on one of our bulletin boards. We love it!

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