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  • Harlingen, TX |
  • 956. 423. 3924


Our Congregation is ultimate governed by the Voters Assembly made up of all baptized and confirmed members of the congregation. A 9 member Board of Directors is elected by the Voters to carry out the governance of the congregation working together with the Senior Pastor.

2018-19 Board of Directors (year indicates date of current term of office expiration in June of that year)

Officers elected by the Board


WALTHER, Curtis & Julie

President: Curtis Walther (2020)






Vice President: Daniel Johnson (2019)

Secretary: Chuey Abrego (2021)

MATTESON, Dave & Corynne

Treasurer: Corynne Matteson (2019)

Additional Board Members:

ALEXANDER, Justin & Angela; Walker, Ava

Justin Alexander (2019)

ryan busse

Ryan Busse (2020)


Alan Johnson (2021)

Susie Lerma (2020)

Schawn Wreden (2021)

Ex oficio:


Senior Pastor: Nathan Wendorf


Marcos Benavides 

Chad Bresson

Rodney Eckert

Caleb Fields

KLOSTERMANN, Josh & Wyndi; Layne, Cayled, Jaylon

Josh Klostermann


Gary Mitzel