We are a community of faith, called together by God, to share and proclaim  Jesus. We invite you to experience life together with us here at St. Paul where you too can experience and see the love of God in Christ Jesus! like us on facebook

  • CHURCH 602 Morgan Blvd |
  • Harlingen, TX |
  • 956. 423. 3924


Our Congregation is ultimate governed by the Voters Assembly made up of all baptized and confirmed members of the congregation. A 9 member Board of Directors is elected by the Voters to carry out the governance of the congregation working together with the Senior Pastor.

2019-20 Board of Directors (year indicates date of current term of office expiration in June of that year) Officers are elected by the Board

WALTHER, Curtis & Julie

President: Curtis Walther (2020)





Vice President: Daniel Johnson (2022)

Secretary: Chuey Abrego (2021)

Additional Board Members:

Eileen Anderson (2022)

ryan busse

Ryan Busse (2020)

Alan Johnson (2021)

Susie Lerma (2020)

Marshall Swanberg (2022)

Schawn Wreden (2021)

Ex oficio:


Senior Pastor: Nathan Wendorf


Marcos Benavides 

Chad Bresson

Rodney Eckert


Gary Hamburg 

KLOSTERMANN, Josh & Wyndi; Layne, Cayled, Jaylon

Josh Klostermann

Joe Lerma

Pastor Mauricio

Pastor Nathan