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We are excited to start a new series of messages, Bible studies, daily devotions, group
and individual discipleship efforts called “Delight!” on April 18th. This emphasis will help
you lean into Joyful Delight, Thoughtful Delight, Playful Delight, Delicious Delight, and
Desirable Delight in your life with God. Delight! invites you into a real, accessible, and
down-to-earth way of experiencing the adventure of following Jesus.

Of course you will know struggle and failure. Of course you will know grief and shame.
But you don’t have to carry the burden of getting your faith walk right; you already make
Jesus jump for joy and sing his happy song. The Creator of the Universe thinks you’re
something special. Even when life is confusing or difficult,

the Spirit is shaping you with care and delight.

Let go of your burdens. Take a deep breath. And let’s explore what it means to follow
Jesus on the adventure of your life—an adventure marked by challenge and repentance
and difficulty, but marked most fundamentally by mutual delight! Find out more at You can pick up a copy of Delight! book and discussion guide
at any time from the church office or next weekend in worship.