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Psalm 100:2 declares: “Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.”  
The music ministry at St. Paul exists to help lead the people of God each week
in the singing of those joyful songs to God, in every worship service.
Has God given you the gift and passion of music?
There are a number of ways you can be involved with helping lead the people of St. Paul in worship!

Worship Band

Leading people in worship is one of the most rewarding serving experiences. We use the arts to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable and it’s our hope that they may encounter Jesus in that space. As part of this team, expect to be challenged and growing in your art. 

Arts: vocalist, drums, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard, piano, bass.

*Currently not meeting

All men and women are invited to join in the choir under the direction of Carolyn Schwartz, our music director for seasonal and special vocal choirs.

Hand Bells
*Currently not meeting

Two Hand bell choirs under the direction of Carolyn Schwartz, our music director, help enhance our Sunday morning worship services. Practices are seasonal and occur during the week on evenings. Contact Carolyn if you are interested in learning more about the hand bells.

Gospel Team

Piano player, guitarists and vocalists are invited to be a part of the Gospel team on Saturday evenings. Rehearsals are at 5pm on Saturday nights before worship. For more information, contact one of the team members on Saturday evening.

Arts: vocalist, piano, acoustic guitar.

Special Instrumentalists

Do you play a woodwind, brass or other instrument? We would love to put your talents to use for some of our special occasion worship services. Contact Carolyn Schwartz, our director of music, to find out how you can get involved.

Arts: woodwind, brass, string, percussion

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