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What We Believe

Here at St. Paul what we believe is the foundation for what we do as a church and in our personal lives.  Our beliefs lead to values and our values are shown through actions. We want to help strengthen your belief in Christ so that your values are in line with what God's Word teaches. 

We're called to reach out and bring people into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ through dynamic worship of God, vigorous study of His Word, loving care for one another, and committed support of His work throughout the world. 

Grace Alone

God loves the people of the world, even though they are sinful, rebel against Him and do not deserve His love. He sent Jesus, His Son, to love the unlovable and save the ungodly. 



We Believe in the Bible

The Scripture of the Old and New Testament are the complete, divinely inspired, infallible Word of God. The Bible is the supreme authority and guide for our Christian faith and living. 

We Believe in the Trinity


There is one God, eternally existing in three persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit.

We Believe in Baptism


We believe that God extends His grace to all, including infants, through the gift of Holy Baptism.

We Believe in the Lords Supper (Communion)


Through Holy Communion Jesus mysteriously gives us Himself in His body and blood. 

Eternal Life

We Believe in Eternal Life

We believe that Jesus is preparing a place for us and that He will literally come back again. We believe that Heaven and Hell are real places and that those in Christ will live with Him forever in Heaven and those who reject Christ as Savior will be separated from Him forever in Hell.  

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